What is Fastboot? How to Exit Fastboot Mode? Stuck on Xiaomi Fastboot screen. What does General Mobile Fastboot mean? How to exit fastboot screen? Turn off Android Fastboot.

What is Fastboot?

Fasboot mode is a screen where software installation or various adjustments can be made on phones using the Android operating system. This screen is now secured with what we call bootloader lock on most phones. The operations that can be done on this screen are limited on phones with bootloader lock. For example, phones such as Samsung and LG use a screen called Download mode as the software installation mode, while brands such as Xiaomi install software with the Fastboot mode.

How to Enter Fastboot Mode?

  • On Xiaomi phones, fastboot mode is entered by holding down the Volume Down + Power key together while the phone is turned off.
  • On Huawei phones, the Volume Down key is held down while the phone is turned off and the phone is connected to the computer with the USB cable.
  • In Sony phones, the Volume Up key is held down while the phone is turned off and the phone is connected to the computer with the USB cable.

How to Exit Fastboot Mode?

When most people are unaware of this screen, it causes them to worry about whether my phone is broken without knowing what it works for. However, if your phone can enter mode, it can be recovered by installing the software. However, if you want to exit this screen before installing the software, you can exit fast boot mode by following the steps below.

  • In some phones, pressing the Power button for a long time will exit this mode and turn on the phone.
  • Pressing the Volume Up + Power key together on Xiaomi phones exits the fast boot mode.

How to Turn Fastboot ON or OFF with ADB

There is a common way to enter fastboot mode on all android phones. For this, the USB debugging feature must be turned on on the phone. For this:

  1. adb-setup > Download and install the adb-setup program on your computer, and complete the installation by pressing the “y” key on the keyboard and then the “ENTER” key to the warnings that come up while installing.
  2. Then go to Settings > About phone from your phone. Here, press “Build number” or “MIUI version” 5-6 times in a row. After clicking 5-6 times, the warning “You are now a developer” appears on the screen.

How to Turn Fastboot ON or OFF with ADB

  1. Then you should come back and enter the Developer options and activate the usb debugging feature here. (In Xiaomi phones, the developer menu is located in the Additional Settings) If you have difficulty finding the developer section, you can search for developer options in Settings > Search.

USB debugging

  1. Now in the Start menu on your computer, type “cmd”. Find “Command Prompt” in the quit results. Select “Run as administrator” from the options right next to it.

Command Prompt

  1. Enter the following code in the “Command Prompt” window and then press the “ENTER” key:

adb reboot bootloader

  1. After entering the code above, your phone will enter fastboot mode.

Now exit fastboot mode with the same method

For this, connect your phone to the computer via usb while your phone is in fastboot mode. and Enter the following code on the command line and press ENTER on the keyboard.

c:/adb/fastboot.exe reboot

After entering the code above, your phone will boot normally.

If your phone always stays in Fastboot mode and won’t turn on

You can recover it by installing software on your phone, and you can recover your phone by using the following links for your phone.

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