BlueStacks Installing and Root BlueStacks

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How to Install and Root BlueStacks

Do you wish to use your computer like an Android tablet? Yea, you heard it right. You can use Android operating system on your computer like a tablet. Also, you can play almost all of the Android games and use applications. All you need is a simple program. Its name is Bluestacks. We can say that Bluestacks is the best virtual Android device. Additionally, you can root it after installing Bluestacks. In this article, we will explain how to install and root Bluestacks.

Installing BlueStacks

There are two ways to install BlueStacks. First way: Install it in the normal way. Download the installer and start it first. Then, it will automatically download other files. The second way is BlueStacks offline installer. You can download all the files through installer. Then, you will not need internet connection afterwards.

  1. Our suggestion: Download BlueStacks offline installer to your computer.
  2. Firstly, Its name will show up as BlueStacks-Installer_BS3_native.exe
  3. Then, click on this file and start installation.
  4. Tick “Agree Software Licence” button on the bottom right and click on “Install Now”
  5. Your Antivirus software may cause troubles during the installation process. If it happens, disable it for a while.
  6. You will see “Completed” notification when it is finished. Click on this button.
  7. Lastly, you will see “Login on Google account to start using BlueStacks” notification on launch. You can login on Google account (Suggested). You can just close the software and skip this step to continue with Rooting process.

Installing BlueStacks

How to Root BlueStacks?

Step 1 Once BlueStacks opens, click the Settings icon on the right. Then check the “Enable Android Debug Bridge (ADB)” option in the Preferences section.

BlueStacks ADB Debug

Step 2 We will use the BlueStacks Tweaker tool for the BlueStacks Root process. First, Download the BlueStacks Tweaker 6 program from here. Extract the downloaded archive to your desktop. Run the BlueStacksTweaker.exe file in the extracted folder. You will see a screen like the picture below. Here, mark the Bluestaks option and click the stop button right next to it.

BlueStacks Tweaker

Step 3 Then switch to the Root tab at the top of the program’s BlueStacks Tweaker. Click the Unlock button here.

How to Root BlueStacks?

Step 4 Then press the Start button on the left panel of the program and run the BlueStacks program.

How to Root BlueStacks?

Step 5 Then, while on the Root tab in the Tweaker program, click on the Patch, Install SuperSu, Update Su Binary buttons on the right.

How to Root BlueStacks?

Step 6 Then press the Stop button on the left panel of the program and stop the BlueStacks program.

How to Root BlueStacks?

Step 7 After BlueStacks is closed, switch to the Helpers tab and click the Patch buttons opposite Premium and Promo respectively on the left.

BluesBtacks root

Final We Rooted BlueStacks and made it Premimum. We are out of business with BlueStacksTweaker anymore. You can check if your BlueStacks is rooted.

IF SU code needs to be updated. Continue? You will receive a message. Press the Continue and Normal buttons respectively. Upload successful! It is recommended to restart your device. a warning comes. Click the Restart button and restart BlueStacks. Congratulations Root process finished.

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