Install Stock Rom with LG UP, Install LG KDZ Firmware

How to Install Stock Rom with LG UP, How to Install KDZ Firmware on LG Mobile Phones? Install LG KDZ Firmware guide. In this article we will show you how to install Firmware on LG Mobile Phones with pictures.

What is LG UP and Why Do We Use It?

LG UP is a new installer for LG mobile phones. You can install Firmware packages with kdz, tot and dz extensions through LG UP installer. You can upgrade the Firmware that you are already using or just install a new Firmware on your phone via LG UP. Besides, you can also Unbrick your Bricked phone.

Supported Models:

LG G7, LG G6, G5, G4, G3, V20, V10, Flex 2, G Pad X, K10 and Many models!

WARNING: As a result of the process given below, all the documents on your mobile phone will be removed. Please make sure to create a backup before starting the process.

Install Stock Rom with LG UP

  • To be able to install a Firmware via LG UP, you need to have a firmware package with KDZ Find KDZ packages compatible with your phone HERE.
  • Download the files given below to your computer: LG Mobile Driver, LGUP Setup, LGUP 8974 DLL v0.3.19.15.msi and LGUP 8994 DLL v. Then, install these and unzip zip to your desktop.

LG Mobile Driver > Download
LG TOOLS > Download / Alternative

NOTE: You must disable anti-virus programs before starting the process. Also, make sure that the battery is above %50. Please make sure that your phone is connected through USB until the installation process is finished.

Step 1: After installing LG Mobile Driver and LGUP_Setup_v1.14.0.3.msi on your computer, shut down your mobile phone completely by pressing Power Button.

INFO: If you want to install a Firmware after resetting your mobile phone, firstly you must get your phone in Recovery Mode and then select Wipe Data/Factory Reset options. After that, you can continue with Step 2.

Step 2: Plug USB cable to computer. Then, Press and Hold “Volume UP” button while connecting your phone to computer through USB cable. Leave your phone on a stable place after it gets in Download Mode.

Install Stock Rom with LG UP, Install LG KDZ Firmware

Step 3: Unzip folder to your desktop. Open UPPERCUT_1.0.0.0.exe by double clicking on it. After a while, LG UP will start automatically.

Install Stock Rom with LG UP, Install LG KDZ Firmware

Step 4: After your phone becomes visible on LG UP, select “UPGRADE”. Then click on “…” button located in front of BIN file. After that, select KDZ file that you wish to install.

Install Stock Rom with LG UP, Install LG KDZ Firmware

Step 5: Finally, click on “Start” button on LG UP and start the installation process.

Install Stock Rom with LG UP, Install LG KDZ Firmware

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2 years ago

Download not working dll from Not Found msvbvm50.dll page. Fix your error now!