Learning iPhone Model, How to identify iPhone models?

Learning iPhone Model, Find out your iPhone model! How to identify iPhone models? Where is iPhone model number written on? How can I find out my iPhone model?

Learning iPhone Model

iPhone and iPhone S models are mostly confused. Models numbers are not easy to find out which leads people to ask questions like:

  • How and where can I find out which model iPhone I own?
  • How do I know if my iPhone is 7 or 8?
  • Is it S series or not?
  • How to find out what generation my iPhone is?

How to identify iPhone models?

There is a model number written on the back side of your iPhone. You will see a model number such as “Model Axxx”. It identifies your iPhone model. You can simply check your model number in the list given below to see which exact model your iPhone is!

Learning iPhone Model

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Learning iPhone Model, How to Find iPhone Model? Where Does the iPhone Model Write? Easiest Way to Know Your iPhone Model.  How can I learn iPhone Model?

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