Your device isn't compatible with this version

Google Play Store Your device isn’t compatible with this version Solution, Device not compatible error message in Google Play Store, How do I fix Google Play device not compatible? Android Google Play Store Message – Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version

Your device isn’t compatible with this version

  • There may be many reasons for this problem.
  • This issue or warning means; means that the application or game is not compatible with your Android Phone / Tablet.
  • You must try all the solutions we will give for the reasons of this error.

Causes of error

  • Your Google Play Store app may not be up to date.
  • There may be Problem data in Google Play Services.
  • Your phone / tablet may not have the Android version supported by the Game or App.
  • Your Android device may not have the GPU and Hardware that the Game supports. For example: Adreno, Mali, PowerVR, Tegra etc.
  • Your phone’s hardware is not enough to run the game.
  • Another case is Whatsapp. As you know, whatsapp, tablets in your device is not compatible with this version gives error. However, you can manually upload the whatsapp apk file and verify your number from another phone.

If you got this error because of your phone hardware. If you install the application in some way, it probably won’t work. However, in some cases, there is a possibility of working when you manually install the application or game despite this error.

Your device isn’t compatible with this version Solution

Now let’s go over this error and install our application. Follow and try the following solutions respectively.

Google Play Store get up to date

  1. Check whether the Google Play Store App is up to date.
  2. Under normal circumstances the Google Play Store automatically updates itself secretly, but it may have been the error so it has not received an update due to an error.
  3. To check: Open the Google Play Store app and go to the top left menu> Settings> Play Store version.
  4. Here you should see  the “Google Play Store current” message.
  5. You will see the message “Updating Google Play Store” if it is not current. In this case, your phone’s internet connection is open so that the update is completed.
  6. You can also generalize the Google Play Store app manually. You can download the current Google Play Store here.

Clear Google Play services

  1. In your phone, go to Settings > Applications > (Show System applications if available).
  2. Find and click the Google Play services app here.
  3. Go to the Save in or Storage section of the incoming options.
  4. Click the “Manage field” button in the new options. Come down to the “CLEAR ALL DATA” and click “OK” button.
  5. Finally, restart the phone and test whether the problem is resolved.

Install an incompatible game manually

If the solutions above don’t work for you, there’s only one way back. Find the apk files of the game or application that you will download, from the Internet, or import them from another android device and throw them into our phone.

Let’s say you want to install a game you need to find the Apk and Obb data file of this game. Once you find these files on the Internet, install Apk. Obb file in the Android / Obb folder is required. NOTE: Obb data files of less than 100MB are not available.

Change your Android Device name with Market Helper

First of all, your device must be rooted for these operations. To do this, download the Market Helper Apk file and download it to your Android device. Open Market Helper after you install it. After granting root access, change the “device” in the top left corner to “Phone” instead of “Default”.

At the top right you will type your device model. Tap one of them on your Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, select one of them that will come out of some phone models like the LG G3. Then touch the “ACTIVATE” button in the lower center. Here’s a warning that the Market Helper wants to do this as follows. Click the “ALLOW” button. When finished, close the application.

Finally go to Settings > Applications > Google Play Store and clear the data. Clear the data in Google Play Services in the same way. Restart the phone and try downloading the application.

Bazen Market Helper işe yaramayabilir. Bunun yerine JRummy Market Helper uygulamasını da deneyebilirsiniz. Bu uygulamayı telefonunuza yükledikten sonra telefona herhangi bir kısayol gelmez ve herhangi bir şey yapmanız gerekmez.

To do so, go to Settings > Applications > Google Play Store and clear the data. Clear the data in Google Play Services in the same way. Restart the phone and go to the Google Play Store and try downloading the application you want to download.

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